We hope you enjoy our VIBE Podcast featuring Mittal Parekh, Senior Director of Product Marketing at CommScope RUCKUS.

AI-enabled networking has arrived, and customers are using it to transform their business. Focusing on IT, AI has empowered them to renew their approach to managing IT from reactive to proactive. Increasingly, as IT is getting leaner, IT is utilizing automation to streamline their workload so that they can focus their efforts on strategic activities. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) along with automation has enabled IT teams to deliver on their service level agreements (SLAs), automatically remediate issues and use the data to build custom reports to forecast and plan for line of business users – all while delivering amazing end-user experiences.

Hear from Mittal Parekh as he discusses why now is the perfect time to be selling AI-enabled cloud networking. We will discuss AI-enabled cloud networking, specifically how RUCKUS Analytics, an AI-enabled network analytics and assurance platform, from CommScope RUCKUS, is leading the way. As it turns out, RUCKUS Analytics is helping more than just IT. It is instrumental in changing how IT, help desks and even line of business or business stakeholders are conducting their business. Join us as we unpack how our partners and their end customers too can realize such gains.

Mittal Parekh is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at CommScope RUCKUS. He is a hands-on player-coach who manages a team of highly-seasoned Product Marketers. Most recently, Mittal spent several years as a product marketing and strategy leader in the startup universe tackling cybersecurity, mobile security, enterprise mobility and virtualization challenges. Prior to that, Mittal held various Product Management and Product Marketing roles at Citrix Systems and Hewlett-Packard company delivering IaaS cloud, private cloud, mission-critical systems, WAN optimization, as well as identity and security management solutions. Mittal holds an MBA from Cornell University, an M.S. in Computer Science from Ball State University and a B.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

Mittal lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his mother, wife and two teenage kids. He is a vegetarian foodie, and he likes to run, read books and hike. At this time, he is reading a book titled “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott and he recommends it whole-heartedly. He tries to remain away from junk food so if you ever catch him in action, do call him out on that.


This episode is hosted by Mackenzie King.

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